The 6th International Conference on Business Intelligence, Beni Mellal, Morocco, May 27-29, 2021

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Local Information

Welcome to Beni Mellal

How to Get to the conference Venue


Visa Information

Weather Information (Please click here for the daily weather forecast.)

Welcome to Beni Mellal

Beni-Mellal (Berber: Bni Mellal) is a Moroccan city. It is the capital city of the Tadla-Azilal Region, with a population of 489,248 (2010 census). It sits at the foot of Mount Tassemit (2247m), and next to the plains of Beni Amir. The walls of the city go back to Moulay Ismail, in 1688, as well as the Kasbah Bel-Kush but most of the city is quite modern and forms an important economic centre for the region particularly in the areas of petrochemical production as well as textile manufacturing which forms the backbone of the wider community. Local agricultural products as oranges, olives, figs etc. find their way to the market via Beni Mellal.[1] The city has good connections via the road to Casablanca to the East and lies on the ancient route - now a national road - from Fez to Marrakech. The national rail-operator ONCF is also extending the railtrack from Casablanca to (nearby) Oued Zem to the city

Nearest airports to BeniMellal

Beni Mellal International AIRPORT

Casablanca Mohammed V International AIRPORT

Marrakech Menara International AIRPORT

How to Get to the Conference Venue

Faculty Of Sciences And Technics

Adresse : Mghilat, Béni Mellal, Maroc
Téléphone : +212 5234-85112


By bus :

By car :

From Casablanca :

1.    Get on A3 from Boulevard Mohammed VI, 7min (2.5 km)

2.    Follow A7 and A8 to Tadla-Azilal, 2h 2min (210 km)

3.    and Follow N8 to your destination in Beni Mella.

From Marrakech :

    1. Continue to Route de Fez/N8/N9 10 min (5.6 km)
    2. Follow N8 to Beni Mellal 2 h 40 min (184 km)
    3. Drive to your destination


Delegates are responsible for booking and handling their own accommodation.
Below are the list of link that you can use to book accommodation. Please do not hesitate to contact if you need help:

  • Hotel Ouzoud (4* B) : Km 3 route de Marrakech, Beni Mellal, Marocco. Tel: +212 5 23 48 37 52, Fax : +212 5 23 48 85 30.
  • Hotel Chems (4* B) : Route de Marrakech, Beni Mellal, Marocco. Tel: +212 5 23 48 34 60/30 08, Fax : +212 5 23 48 39 87
  • Hotel Jnane Ain Asserdoune ( 4* B) : Km 8 Route Nationale de Fes, CP : 23000 Maroc, Beni Mellal, Morocco. Tel : +212 5 23 51 60 60, Fax : +212 5 23 51 60 62
  • Hotel Al Bassatine (3* A) : Quartier Ouled Hamdan , Rte Fkih ben Salah, Beni Mellal 23000, Morocco. Tel : +212 5 23 48 68 05, Fax : +212 5 23 48 68 06.
  • Hotel La Luna : Boulevard Mohamed v N° 8 angle Mohamed v Beni Mellal . Tel :+212 523429600/9700, Fax :+212 523429800

Weather Information

The daily weather forecast in Beni Mellal at:

Weather Information of Beni Mellal, Morocco

Visa Information

Citizens of some countries cannot enter MOROCCO without valid MOROCCAN visa. Please, review the situation for your case.

We need the following information about you for sending you the official invitation letter:

(1)    Full Name (exactly as in your passport):
(2)    Sex:
(3)    Date of Birth:
(4)    Nationality:
(5)    Passport Number:
(6)    Your affiliation:
(7)    Present Occupation and Title:
(8)    Arrival Date and Departure Date:
(9)    Name of Country Where You Will Apply for the Visa:
(10)  A statement specifying who will be responsible for all expenses related to the trip.
(11)  Full Postal Address:
(12)  E-mail Address:
(13)  Telephone number:
(14)  Fax number:
(15)  Names and Relationships of Persons Travelling with You
(16)  Paper/Delegate ID and Paper Title(17)  Your registration must be fully completed (registration form and fee must be received)(Note: all above information must be provided for each traveller, regardless of age)

Please send by February 15th, 2019 the information to the conference coordinator.


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